Christmas and New Year closing; I will close at 5pm on the 22nd December and reopen at 10am on Tuesday 8th January.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

December 2018

Linn Winter offer; buy the Majik LP12 and Majik DSM for £5000 - a saving of £425. Offer runs until the 29th January 2019.

New Majik Tonearm announced by Linn. Currently only packaged as part of the Majik LP12, we are promised it will become available separately in Spring 2019

Rega Aura reference MC phono stage on demonstration. Quite simply the best stand-alone phono stage I have ever had on demonstration. Stunning. £3999.

November 2018

The all new Rega Planar 8 is now on demonstration. Available on it's own for £1699 or pre fitted with the Apheta 2 mc cartridge for £2439 - a saving of £309. Also available with the Ania @ £2119 (save £79). This deck looks set to redefine the standard at the price point. 

Naim ND5 XS2 digital streamer just in. £2299. First impressions are extremely favorable. 

Roksan Xerxes 20+ turntable with RPM power supply fitted with either a Rega RB2000 or a Roksan Nima arm on demonstration. A truly superb sounding deck. 

Audio Techinca have launched a new range on MM cartridges priced from £29 - £179. It includes the successor to the long standing budget favorite AT95E - the VM95E @ £44. The new cartridges share the same body and have interchangeable styli to allow for easy replacement / upgrade. 

October 2018

Linn have announced a price reduction for the Majik DSM from £2950 to £2495. In addition the standalone DS products have been discontinued, only the DSM variants are now available.
A new modular DSM product that sits between Majik and Akurate has also been announced, called Selekt. Prices start from £4000. More information to follow.

September 2018

Naim NDX2 now instore for demonstration. This £4999 streamer is truly superb and highly flexible, boasting digital inputs and a variable output.

July 2018

Linn Summer Offer. Until the 27th August,  you can get 10% off a new Linn product if you trade in your old Linn.

June 2018

Exposure XM9 Mono Blocks now on demonstration. Combined with the 3010s2D pre amp (£2508 for the lot), these half width power amps make a great sound. As ever with Exposure, very musical.

May 2018

Katalyst update; having now run in my dem unit had a good listen to the Katayst upgrade to the Akurate DSM/DS I am pleased to report that I am very impressed. More clarity and detail but crucially, it just makes music more enjoyable to listen to. An extremely worthwhile upgrade.

Rega Saturn-R CD player/DAC and Elicit-R integrated amp on demonstration. £1598 each. As you would expect from Rega, these are superb sounding, great value products. The Saturn has digital inputs to enable PC/Mac and other digital sources to benefit from the high quality DAC onboard the player. 

April 2018

Katalyst for Akurate has arrived. The much anticipated upgrade for Akurate DS/DSM and Exaktbox has been launched. My dem ADSM has arrived and is now running in. I'll post my thoughts here after the Easter Break when the unit has run in. Early signs are very encouraging though! DS/DSM upgrades are £1800. Exaktbox 6 upgrade is £1200 and Exaktbox 10 is £1600. A new 5 year guarantee is included. 

March 2018

Lingo 4 now on demonstration. Very impressive performance from this all new power supply from Linn. I just want to put more records on......

February 2018

New Lingo mk.4 from Linn. Linn have just announced an all new Lingo power supply for the LP12. It is quite a departure from the old Lingo as it includes a built in speed checker and a new AC motor. Housed in a totally new compact case this promises to be a big jump forward in quality. £1450. Dem units are shipping from the middle of the month. 

Urika II also announced. This differs from the original (which will still be available) as it has an Exakt Link only output for connection to a DSM. The RIAA equalisation is done in the digital domain, as is cartridge optimisation. £2750.

October 2017

Rega Planar 6 now on demonstration. I have it available to dem with both the Exact (£1198) and Ania (£1398) carttridges. It is available on its own @ £998. It is fair to say it sets new standards at the price point. Also on dem are the new Rega Fono MM and Fono MC phono stages at £198 and £248.

Dynavector at Sound Cinergy. I am delighted to announce I now have a selection of the highly rated Dynavector cartridges on demonstration; the DV-10X5, DV-20X2L and the DV-17D3 at £499, £729 and £1049.