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August 2022

Linn Kendo and Arko on demonstration. These new products from Linn have really impressed. The Arko (£3000) is a step up from the excellent Akito mk.3 and the Kendo is a big improvement over the Krystal (still current @ £1400) I also have another Arko fitted with the Krystal, to enable easy comparison.
The Arko and Kendo now form part of the Selekt LP12 @ £10,570, replacing the Akurate LP12.

July 2022

New brand; I am pleased to add Silent Angel to my portfolio of brands. I have the very well received N8 Audio-grade network switch available for demonstration and am waiting for their excellent value digital streamers and upgraded PSU to arrive. 

June 2022

Coming very soon - new vinyl products from Linn. The long standing Akito arm is to be discontinued and replaced by two products; the new Arko @ £3000 and the Krane, now available on it's own @ £1350. There are two new mc cartridges too; the Kendo @ £2800 and the Koil @ £800. I will have all on demonstration once stock arrives. 

New Rega Elicit mk.5 amp. This improves on the sound of the out-going version and adds 2 digital inputs too - one coax and one optical. As it also has a mm phono stage and a headphone socket, this new Elicit is a great sounding and very flexible product. £2000

May 2022

For those who want a more convenient record player that still sounds great, I now have on dem the new Dual CS429 fully automatic deck @ £649. This excellent deck is fitted with the Ortofon 2m Red cartridge as standard.   

March 2022

Yet more price increases to report, I'm afraid; Monitor Audio and Roksan have just seen some small increases. Neat will be putting their prices up by around 20% from 1st April. Exposure will put most products (aside from the new 3510 series) up by around 10% from 1st April too.

February 2022

Kudos have announced a price increase. Effective from the 1st April, Kudos prices will go up by around 14%. All orders placed before then will be at the current price.

Rega Saturn mk.3 CD/DAC new in. This is a facelift of the outgoing model and still sounds great. It boasts 5 digital inputs - 1 x USB, 2 x Toslink and 2 x Coax, so can be used as a digital hub. £2000

Monitor Audio S3007G now on demonstration. This is a lot of speaker for the money (£1575) and sounds superb too.

December 2021

Rega price increases; Effective from the 23rd of December Rega will be putting their prices up. Some examples; Planar 3 will go from £599 to £660 (without a cartridge), the Planar 2 from £429 to £475, Io from £379 to £420, Brio from £599 to £700. All orders placed before the 23rd will be at the current price. 

Linn price increase update; As hoped the new Radikal and Ekstatik have not gone up in price. Neither has the Majik LP12 or the Selekt DSM. Examples of some other increases - Karousel £750 to £856, Ekos SE £4000 to £4560, Akito 3 £1630 to £1955, Kore £800 to £912, Keel £2660 to £3030, Akurate 2200 £3630 to £4140. All orders placed before the 1st Jan 2021 will be at the current prices.

Linn Ekstatik now on demonstration. I thought the Kandid was good but the Ekstatik is another level entirely with greater resolution involvement in the music. Combined with the upgraded Radikal it takes the LP12 to even greater heights. 

Roksan Attessa range now in; The streaming amplifier @ £1495, amplifier @ £995 and Turntable @ £995 are all available for demonstration. I'm very impressed with this new, flexible range from Roksan. 

Monitor Audio Silver 7G also instore. I have the S50 and S200 @ £575 and £1150 and am waiting on the £1450 S300. These are a jump in performance from the already superb 6G range. Excellent value. 

Exposure 3510 Power Amp. This new power amp from Exposure @ £1590 is a brilliant addition to the range. Available for demonstration.  

November 2021

Linn price increase. Effective from 1st January 2022 Linn will be putting their prices up by an average of 14%. It is not anticipated that the new Radikal, Ekstatik, Klimax DSM or Selekt DSM will have price increases. All orders placed before the 1st will be at the current price. 

Naim price increase. Effective from the 6th December Naim will be putting their prices up across the whole range.
Examples - the Supernait 3 will go from £3499 to £3799, the Supercap DR from £4849 to £4999 and the NAP250DR from £4099 to £4299. Any orders placed before the 6th December will be at the current price. 

New upgrades for the Linn LP12. Instore now for demonstration; upgraded Radikal PSU. This has a new motor and even better power suplly performance. It upgrades the Urika too thanks to the better power supply. £4250 or £6500 in the Klimax casework. There is a retro-fittable option for existing Radikal owners for £1750.

Linn have also announced a new reference level cartridge, the Ekstatik @ £5500.  The Kandid will continue in production for the time being. 

October 2021

New Michell Gyro SE now on demonstration. Michell have tweaked the evergreen Gyro with new suspension springs and and new platter. £2090

September 2021

The EISA Award Winning (best value turntable 2021-22) Project Debut PRO now on demonstration. This ultimate incarnation of the Debut is a stunning deck, both to look at and listen to. £699

Coming soon - new ranges from Monitor Audio and Roksan. I will be having the new Silver G7 speakers in from Monitor Audio and the all new Attessa range from Roksan. Watch this space........

August 2021

New Exposure 3510 Integrated amp now in. £2250. This is the replacement for the best selling 3010s2D amp. As always with Exposure, it just plays the music. Brilliant amp. 

July 2021

Linn Selekt DSM now on demonstration. I have the Katalyst version on demonstration. £5600. Very flexible, modular design makes the Selekt a great product for customers to build on. Prices start from £4600 for the non-Katalyst version. 

Project's latest incarnation of the ever popular Debut turntable - the Debut Carbon EVO @ £499 now in. Available in a variety of colours

April 2021

New products on demonstration;

Lumin Streamers; I am delighted to announce that Sound Cinergy is now an official Lumin dealer. These superb streamers have been causing quite a stir over the last couple of years. I have the T2 @ £3795 and the D2 @ £1895 Players along with the L1 Music Server @ £895 on demonstration.

Neat Ekstra floorstanding speaker @ £3955

Rega Kyte bookshelf speakers @ £550

Ortofon 2m Black LVB mm cartridge @ £829