Summer Holiday dates; I will close at 5pm on Saturday 27th July and reopen 10am on Tuesday 13th August. As ever, please email me during these dates as I still pick up my emails a couple of times a day. 

June 2024

Linn Summer offer; between 1st June and the 31st August customers buying a full-price upgrade for their LP12 will receive a 30% discount off retail price on any second upgrade they choose to purchase at the same time. This can also be used in conjunction with the Lingo - Radikal and cartridge trade in schemes. Please ask for details.

The end of an era. Roksan have announced that they have, with immediate effect, discontinued the Xerxes 20+ turntable along with all arms, cartridges and power supplies. There is no more stock. Spares will continue to be stocked by Roksan though.
The Xerxes 20+ was a personal favorite of mine. A truly world class deck.
My dem Xerxes 20+, SARA and RPM power supply is now available for £4775 (£7325 new)

April 2024

Exposure have announced price increases on everything bar the new 3510 CD and the turntable. The increase is around 9% and is effective from 13th May. All orders taken before then will be at the current price.

March 2024

- Roksan Attessa offer; until the 31st May 2024 a purchase of the superb Attessa Integrated amp (£1100) comes with the Attessa CD transport free of charge. This a saving of £550.

- Exposure 3510CD  just in. At £2500 it should compliment the superb 3510 series amplification perfectly. 

- WiiM amplifier now in. At just £319 this is a superb option for those who want an entry level streaming system. Just add speakers.

- Rega have introduced an Oak finish for the Planar 3. Price remains the same. The Planar 6 in all it's options has gone up by £60.

December 2023

- The Chord Company's English Electric EE1 network noise isolator now in. This little device offers a worthwhile improvement for streamers by reducing network noise. £250.

November 2023

- Linn Utopik power supply upgrade for Klimax DS/DSM, Akurate DS/DSM, Akurate Exaktbox, Selekt DSM, Majik DS. £1350. The Utopik PSU is fitted as standard to all new Klimax and Selekt DSM.

- Lumin T3 streamer. At £4195 it offers a superb option for customers wishing to upgrade from the likes of the Linn Majik DS / Naim ND5 streamers. 

- At the entry point for streamers, I now sell the WiiM Pro+ At just £219 this is an excellent option for those wishing to dip their toes in the world of streaming. Great as just an Internet Radio too.

- The new Neat Mystique Classic. This is the smaller sibling of the Elite Classic and uses the same HF unit. I anticipate this will be a popular model, if the success of the SX2 is anything to go by. £2475 in black/white paint finish or £2595 for oak or walnut wood veneer

- Only one finish avaialble for the new Rega AYA speaker. This model has a cabinet made from Glass Reinforced Cement and is available in Steel Grey. I have always been a big fan of the Rega speakers and this model looks set to continue that trend. £1495 + £80 if you want the grilles too.

September 2023

- Naim NSS 333 and NAC 332 now on demonstration. Very impressive. The NAC 332 is a great upgrade option for Linn Akurate Kontrol users. 

- Hana Umami Blue MC cartridge just in. This cartridge promises to offer a good taste of the exceptional Umami Red at a lower cost (£2149).

- Silent Angel are back with a new UK distributor and a new product - the B2 streamer @ £825. Also on dem are the M1 streamer @ £1375, F1 PSU @ £445 and the N8 Audio grade network switch - £429. Great value for money. 

July 2023

Naim have announced the new Classic 300 series; the NSS 333 streamer and NAC 332 all-analogue preamp @ £7900 each and the NAP 350 mono blocks @ £12,000 a pair. Due in September. Watch this space!

Neat have released an updated version of a real personal favorite - the Elite Classic compact floor standing speaker. I loved the older Elite SX and first impressions of these are very positive. £3250 in black/white or £3500 with a real wood oak/walnut finish.

The limited edition Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition now on demonstration. This walnut finished deck comes fitted with an Exact cartridge and has the Neo PSU as standard. £899

June 2023

Coming in late June, another blast from the past - the Naim Nait 50. It is a reworking of the original Nait with modern improvements to the circuits. True to the original it is fairly low powered (25 wpc) and has no remote. As a former owner of the original, I can't wait to hear this. £2699

May 2023.

I am very pleased to welcome an old favorite brand back; Epos. I have the all new, superb Epos ES14N on demonstration. These are quite a large standmount speaker with a very musical sound. £3750pr or £4400 with matching stands.