Linn Lingo 4 open days. Friday 23rd March; noon - 5pm and Saturday; 24th March 11am - 5pm.
No need to book, please just turn up to have a listen to the all new Lingo 4 power supply for the LP12.

March 2018

Lingo 4 now on demonstration. Very impressive performance from this all new power supply from Linn. I just want to put more records on......

Don't forget about the LP12 offer from Linn detailed below.

February 2018

New Lingo mk.4 from Linn. Linn have just announced an all new Lingo power supply for the LP12. It is quite a departure from the old Lingo as it includes a built in speed checker and a new AC motor. Housed in a totally new compact case this promises to be a big jump forward in quality. £1450. Dem units are shipping from the middle of the month. 

Urika II also announced. This differs from the original (which will still be available) as it has an Exakt Link only output for connection to a DSM. The RIAA equalisation is done in the digital domain, as is cartridge optimisation. £2750.

Limited time offer from Linn. Until the 30th March, anyone ordering either a Lingo 4 or a Urika II will get 15% off most additional upgrades to their LP12. Please contact me for details.

December 2017

Linn Winter Offer; Until the 26th January 2018 buy a Klimax DS/DSM and get a Majik DSM free, or buy an Akurate DS/DSM and get a Sekrit DSM free of charge.

Naim price increase; from the 1st January 2018, Naim prices will increase by approx 4% accross all products except Uniti and Muso.

October 2017

Rega Planar 6 now on demonstration. I have it available to dem with both the Exact (£1198) and Ania (£1398) carttridges. It is available on its own @ £998. It is fair to say it sets new standards at the price point. Also on dem are the new Rega Fono MM and Fono MC phono stages at £198 and £248.

Dynavector at Sound Cinergy. I am delighted to announce I now have a selection of the highly rated Dynavector cartridges on demonstration; the DV-10X5, DV-20X2L and the DV-17D3 at £499, £729 and £1049.

September 2017

Naim Uniti Atom now on dem. It's taken a long time to arrive but the wait was worth it ! This compact streaming system is truly stunning, both in performance and looks. £1750.

Monitor Audio Silver 200 now in. These £1000 floorstanders replace the excellent Silver 6 model and offer better sound for the same money. The new Silver 50 and 100 standmount speakers coming soon.....

August 2017

Rega Ania MC cartridge now in. £498. This brilliant entry level MC from Rega is a great match for anything from a Planar 3 upwards. 

New Melco Digital Music Sources now on demonstration. I have both the N1A/2 @ £2099 and the superlative N1ZH/2 @ £4299 on demonstration. All owners of streamers owe it to themselves to hear what these units can do for their locally stored music.

July 2017

Linn Summer Offer - Between the 3rd July and end of August you can get a great fixed price value for you old Linn disc player OR pre-amp against a Linn streamer. Get £2000 of a Klimax, £1000 off an Akurate and £500 off a Majik product. For many people, this would be more than a normal trade in value.

In related news, Linn have announced the end of service support for ALL disc players frm the end of August. For quite some time, Linn have only been able to offer partial service cover for many legacy products but it has now reached the stage where even this has to be withdrawn.

Neat Iota Alphas on demonstration. If you want the smallest floorstanding speaker with the biggest sound, look no further than these amazing little speakers. At just over 450 cm high, these will fit even the most compact rooms. £1385.

May 2017

Rega Record Store Day 2017 decks. First come, first served for these £248 limited edition decks. They are a higher spec than the Planar 1 (also £248) and there is a 1 in 10 chance the deck has been signed by an artist. 

Naim Supernait 2 on demonstration. This is quite simply the best integrated amp I have in store. £3100.

Kudos C20 speakers also in. These fairly compact floorstanders work brilliantly with all of my dem amps. A true master of all at £3550

April 2017

Sound Cinergy in HiFi Choice !! The April edition of HiFi Choice features yours truly as the subject of the Dealer Visit article. I'm glad Ed Selly liked what he heard in the dem room and he has managed to portray what I am about as a dealer. 

March 2017

Naim UnitiCore now in !! This ripping NAS unit looks superb and can be controlled via the Naim App, so it can be used with an external DAC as a source component or as a standard NAS drive feeding a streaming device. £1799 plus the hard drive of your choice - this gives you the flexibility to spec the storage most appropriate to yourself.

Exposure XM3 phono stage on dem. This £660 half-width unit is an excellent addition to my range of phono stages. MM/MC compatible with flexibility over gain and loading.

New Rega Brio also on demonstration. £598. This brilliant little amp boasts improved performance and a heaphone socket over it's popular predecessor.