January 2017

Linn winter DS offer; Until the 15th February 2017, trade in your old music source and get 10% off any Sneaky, Majik or Akurate DS or DSM.

December 2016

Linn winter LP12 offer; Trade in any turntable for a Majik/Akurate/Klimax LP12 and get 10% off in addition to the trade in value of your existing deck. Offer runs from December 1st until January 15th 2017

Melco N1ZH now on demonstration. £3500. Owners of quality streamers really owe it to themselves to hear what the Melco NAS solutions can do for their systems. Think of them as less of a NAS but more of an audiophile quality digital source component. Its like the difference between a pristine excellent vinyl pressing and a budget re-pressing on recycled vinyl. 

Talking of which...........the new Roksan Pug tonearm is now on dem. £1450 and comes complete with Roksan's Hi-Definition arm cable. It may not be the prettiest arm in the world but it sure sounds good. 

November 2016

More cartridges on dem; the Hana SL low output mc cartridge @ £549 and the Audio Technica 33SA mc @ £679 are superb options for customers who want a step up from moving magent cartridges or entry level moving coils. Both fit into Linn Akito mk.2 and Ekos arms.

Project and Ortofon price increase; following the sudden increase in prices from Roksan, I have been advised that Project and Ortofon will also see price increases across the whole range at the end of November. Order now to secure the current price.

Naim price increase. Naim Audio have had to bring forward their usual annual price increase from May to 1st January 2017. Anything ordered before then will be at current pricing.

September 2016

Melco NAS N1A NAS drive now on demonstration. £1750. Melco make the only NAS drives designed specifically with music use in mind. Now with the option of adding a USB optical drive for ripping, these NAS units are a superb storage and sound quality upgrade solution for all streamers.

Linn Price increase; from 1st October Linn's prices will rise by 8.5% accross the board with the exception of the MDS/MDSM/Majik Exaktbox/Sneaky DS+DSM/Series 5 and Krystal.

August 2016

REGA at Sound Cinergy !! I am delighted to announce that I have become a Rega dealer (at last !!). This British brand needs no introduction to long-time HiFi fans with it's long standing reputation for great value, British built products. Initial demonstration stock includes the new incarnations of the legendary Planar 2 and Planar 3 turntables, along with the award winning Elex-R amp and DAC-R. The RX One and RX Three speaker are also available for a listen.

July 2016

Linn Summer offers; Linn are running the ever popular +2 offer this summer - get 2 channels of power amplification free. eg; Akurate 4200 for £3350, saving £1500. They are also runing offers for customers wishing to go Exakt. There are quite a few options but the headline ones are; Purchase an Exaktbox and get a half price update (or conversion of DS - DSM) to your KDS / KDSM / ADS / ADSM. Or purchase Exakt spesakers or modules and get free upgrade to your streamer or a half price conversion from DS - DSM. Please contact me for clarification !! Offers run until 15th August.

New on demonstration from Naim - NAP200 DR power amp and XP5 XS PSU.

May 2016

To enable easy comparison of cartridges, I have just built an LP12 / Lingo with a Jelco 750 tonearm (£479 plus armcable). This superb arm has a removable headshell to allow the easy swapping of cartridges. Currently fitted to headshells and ready to go are the Ortofon Quintet Bronze and Black, the Audio Technica ART 9 and OC9 and the Ortofon 2m Bronze and Black.

New on demonstration is the Naim UnitiQute 2 all in one streamer/amp/tuner @ £1330. Sounds great with the Neat Motive SX2.

March 2016

Roksan have announced that the legendary Artemiz II arm and the Radius 5.2 turntable are to be retired from service. Please see the used equipment page for price on my dem units. (along with other ex dem and seconhand savings). A new deck to replace the 5.2 will be launched later in the year. They have also announced an update to the superb K2 speaker. More details to follow.

Price changes galore ! 

Lehmann Audio's bestselling range of phono stages have been reduced - Black Cube now just £355, the Black Cube SE II is now down to £630 (it was not so long ago that this stunning stage was £800) and the Decade is £50 cheaper at £1150. Outstanding value.

Ortofon have increased the price of the 2m Red (£89) and Blue (£175), along with the Quintet Red (£225)  and Blue (£335). They have reduced the price of the 2m Bronze and Black to £275 and £475 repectively.

Michell have seen some price increases too. Eg; Gyro SE is now £1490, Tecnoarm £665 and Orbe SE is £3090

In a change to previous years, Naim will be putting their prices up at the end of April, so order now to avoid a price increase. 

February 2016

Linn Krystal open day - Saturday 13th February. 10.30 - 5. Just drop in and have a listen !!

Krystal is here !! My dem Krystal arrived yesteday (27th Jan) and is now fitted to my Akurate LP12 and running in. Watch this space for updates once I have been able to evaluate and for details of an open day.

December 2015

Linn have announced a replacement cartridge for the Klyde - the Krystal. At long last, Linn have developed a new cartridge to replace the ancient Klyde (introduced in 1992). Taking its design cues from the range topping Kandid, this promises to be a stunning cartridge for the money - £1190. Linn will start shipping from late Jan 2016 but I hope to have one on dem beforehand.
Krystal launch offer - Order a Krystal and get 15% off one other upgrade for your LP12 (eg a Radikal for £2380 instead of £2800). Offer runs until 29th Feb 2016

Linn Chrismas Offer; Trade in a CD player/Bluetooth speaker/iPod dock/DAB radio and get 10% off any Linn DS or DSM.
Offer runs until 31st January 2016.

Lehmann Decade mc/mm phono stage now on demonstration. £1200. Exceptional sounding, flexible phono stage.

Audio Technica ART9 MC cartridge on dem. This superb sounding cartridge is even greater value now it has been reduced from £1100 to just £820. 

 October 2015

Linn Series 520 fully integrated Exakt Aktiv speakers just arrived. Lovely compact design (though the tweed cover is taking time to win me over......) which has many colour options for the cloth speaker covering and a choice of black or white tops/bottoms. £6750, just add an Exakt enabled DSM or DS.

Naim NAP 250-DR now on demonstration. £3495. This is the latest revision of the legendary NAP 250 power amp, with Naim's "Discreet Regulator" technology taken from the remarkable Statement amps.

Latest versions of Naim's NDX (£3505) and ND5 XS (£2245) streamers now in. These now offer Bluetooth aptX connectivity.

All Naim streamers can now integrate with the Tidal streaming service. Download the software from Naim.

September 2015

Michell Gyro SE back on demonstration. Fitted with the Tecnoarm and an Ortofon 2m Black, this is a formidable sounding deck for £2650

August 2015

Naim NAC-N 272 streamer / preamp on demonstration. At £3469 this well reviewed product offers a great combination of facilities for those looking to upgrade their preamp and add streaming capability.

Kudos X-3 compact floorstanding speaker available for demonstration. £2145.